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Sutcliffe Boats

9" Hull - ZIP Speedboat - 1935 to 1939

In 1935 Sutcliffe introduced another speedboat called 'ZIP'. This boat had a more powerful motor than RACER 1 and also had twin deck vents and a rather elaborate decal on the deck, declaring the boat to be superchared!  

Fig 10.13 - ZIP Speedboat - circa 1935. Photo eBay.

sutcliffe zip

Fig 10.17 - ZIP Speedboat - circa 1935.  Courtesy Ratcliffe Collection.

Fig 10.18 - ZIP Speedboat - circa 1935. Brownhill Collection.

It can be seen the the two boats above are early examples as they both have soldered on rudder rails and larger cockpits. All ZIPs came in a green open ended boxes. (Some look almost brown but they have just faded over time). Unlike the lift off lid style of box, these are rather flimsy so it is rare to find a box in good condition.

Image 22 IMG_0779 IMG_0778

The example shown in fig 10.15 can be dated quite accurately to 1939 because of the box (which is assumed to be original to the boat). The famous repair service has been over-stamped with the message:




Note that this boat uses the later hull pressing which has the smaller cockpit area and the rudder rail embossed into the pressing.

Fig 10.16 - ZIP box - one of the last before production of model boats stopped for the duration of the war.


The first Zip was very similar to the racer 1 of the period and had flat vents and a motor brake. Later versions dropped the brake and got larger vents. Compare the RACER 1 (right) with the ZIP in Fig 10.13


Fig 10.14 - RACER 1 - circa 1934

Fig 10.15 - ZIP Speedboat circa 1939