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Spares Swaps and Sales

Toy boats come in many states of repair, and are often damaged, modified or incomplete. I have made a number of spares for my boats and can offer help and advice to anyone with missing parts... get in touch if you need help, particularly if it's Sutcliffe you collect.


I also have a number of duplicates of boats which are available for swaps, or occasionally sale.  I have some very rare boats that I am prepared to swap, but only for the right exchange! Again, get in touch if you are a fellow collector and you are interested in trading.


And finally, I'm always interested in buying any pre war boats, regardless of the condition, to add to the collection. Please get in touch..


Finally, if you are about to buy a boat, particulary off ebay,  read this first.....


Sutcliffe Boats for Sale

A rather nice boxed Bluebird II, circa 1956. This is in excellent condition but alas the motor is broken, and there is no screen or bung. Now SOLD.


12" Hot Air Motorboat - circa 1924.  A very rare boat and in good original condition. A 'must have' for any Sutcliffe boat collection. Complete with original burner. - NOW SOLD


RACER 1 - circa 1948 - Very early post war version - lovely condition with a very good bung and nice original box. (stand not included) - NOW SOLD

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