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(Let The Buyer Beware)

Caveat Emptor....

Sutcliffe Boats have become very collectable and sought after,  and in some cases, the simple laws of supply and demand have driven up the values quite considerably...  And where there is money, you'll find people trying to 'make the most of it'; and not everything you see for sale is quite what it seems...


We've seen all sorts:


- boats being innocently listed as something they are not by people with scant knowledge of the subject

- boats being offered for sale with thier 'best side' facing the camera

- boats being listed with decsriptions that are not false, but ecconomical with the truth when it comes to very important details relating

   to originality and condition

- outright fakes; boats being sold as something that they are not, normally a modified version of another boat.


Ebay is a particularly risky place to buy things... you are going on a few pictures  (often poor quality) with a simple description. If in doubt ASK.  Being economical with the truth is one thing, but lying in response to a straight question is fraud. We can (normally) spot a fake, copy or a repaint from fifty paces as we have experience of hundreds of boats, so we are happy to help; simply drop us an email.


Over the last few years we have come across a number of FAKE versions of the Sutcliffe Jane model made for the Windemere Boat Museum. These fakes have been made from relatively cheap Comet speedboats and some are better than others, but all can be easily identified if you have access to an original (we have a few...). We are in the process of writing an artical to show you how to spot one, but in meantime, please do get in touch of you have any doubt....


A pair of original factory fresh Janes - if you see one different to this,  it may not neccessarily mean its a fake but alarm bells should start sounding... loudly.  Important details are the front bollard and the neat and slender handrails but there are six or seven other 'indicators'....