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Sutcliffe Boats

16" Speedboat - 'METEOR'

The first 16" speedboat was almost identical to the first 12" boat; they were even both red (see fig 7.1). The 16" version is a little rarer than the 12" version, probably owing to the fact that it would have been more expensive in 1930. The boats came packaged in a simple card box with a plain printed label on one end (see Fig 7.2)

Fig 7.4 -  16" Speedboat  - circa 1931/32. This example is in excellent original condition but shows no sign of ever having a name decal.

Fig 5.7 - 16" Speedboat - circa 1930

In 1932/33, the 16" speedboat finally got its name; METEOR. The first decal was simple red lettering on a clear background.  The example shown in fig. 7.5 has the three blade prop that was fitted to the 9" hull boats.


Fig. 7.5 - 16" Speedboat 'METEOR' - circa 1932/33.


Fig 7.6 - 16" Speedboat 'METEOR' - circa 1934/35.

In 1934/35, Meteor got updated again; this time with twin vents on the foredeck and a new decal style; black on a gold rectangular background. Note how the prop has reverted to the larger two blade design.

Fig. 7.7 - 16" Speedboat METEOR - circa 1937.

The final version of the METEOR is shown in fig. 7.7.  It still has two vents in the foredeck and now the later gold italic style of decal. The rudder size also went through a number of iterations, though the METEOR never got the rounded rudder from the 9" hull boats, presumably because it was too small to be effective?  The version in fig 7.7 also has one other 'new' feature; it has "MADE IN ENGLAND" embossed in the foredeck between the vents. This feature appeared on many boats in the late 1930's, presumably in a show of patriotism leading up to the outbreak of the war. Notice how 'wonky' the vents are; this is exactly how the boat left the factory!

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Fig 7.3 shows two examples of the early 16" speedboat. Although one of them is in a rather sorry state, it appears at first glance that they are the same, however on closer insection it can be seen that the rudder on the  'poor' one is  smaller, the prop has three blades (not two) and the position and angle of the prop shaft is different. Presumably the  three blade prop version is older as the rudder only ever got bigger throughout the life of the boat. It is also assumed that the difference is the result of different motors being used; alas the older boat is missing it's motor.


In 1931/32, the 12" speedboat had a facelift; it was now produced in a rich shade of blue and had a fixed windscreen. The rudder also got bigger yet again. Note that she is still unnamed.

Fig 7.1 - 16" Speedboat - circa 1931.

Fig 7.2 - Box end for 16" Speedboat - 1931.

Fig 7.3 - Two examples of the 16" Speedboat - circa 1930/31.

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