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- 5th Sept - Snappy Restoration Updated (finally!)

- 10th Aug - Market Watch update

- 22nd Mar - Market Watch update

- 7th Mar - Ted's Speedboat page added.

- 23rd Feb - Market Watch update...

- 15th Feb - Market Watch page added

- 12th Feb - The yacht restoration is complete.

- 10th Feb - more yacht progress - very close now!

- 8th Feb - more yacht updates

- 7th Feb - Yacht restoration underway.

- November 2016 - we're back!

- 5th May - Post War Gallery Added.

- 3rd Mar - post war boats added to 'How Rare...' section.

- 29th Feb - update to SNAPPY restoration page.

- 18th Feb - link to Mclaren Subs added. Excellent!

- 16th Feb - SNAPPY update... the motor is out..

- 10th Feb - SNAPPY restoration blog started...!

- 29th Jan - Martin's Meteor

- 18th Nov - sneak preview of latest McLaren Sub!

- 14th Nov - the site gets dusted off for some updates!

- 22nd July - Norman's Speedboat story!

- 29th June - very early 12" hot air battleship added.

- 22nd June - METEOR now complete.

- 16th June - another METEOR update.

- 9th June - METEOR update.

- 5th June - Mclaren Clockwork Submarine added.

-29th May - 'Ranger' (METEOR project) has arrived.

- 19th May - simple box restoration.

- 16th May - Peter's Speedboat page added.








Welcome to the Sutcliffe Boat Museum

This site has been created to share our collection of Sutcliffe boats with the rest if the world, to document any information gathered whilst researching the boats and to chart the progress of some of the projects underway.


This site is dedicated to the products of Sutcliffe Pressings Limited;  toy boats, from 1920, right through to 1984, when the factory finally closed its doors. If you are doing some research on a boat that you own, one you have seen, or perhaps one that you are thinking of buying, you have come to the right place, particularly if it's one of the older rarer boats.


Our collection focusses mainly on the early boats, from 1920 to 1950, but we do have some of the later boats which will gradually go on display.


We are keen to preserve as many of these wonderful old toys as possible, for generations to see and enjoy via this site. We also like to preserve the stories behind these boats too; see the section 'Boats with Stories'....


If you have any questions about our boats or yours, please do get in touch... we have lots of information and boats that have not yet made it to the site, so even if you can't find what you are looking for, we will almost certainly be able to help you.


Latest news...


Again, it's been a while, but we have finally finished (almost) the story or Geoff Kirkman's excellent SNAPPY restoration (thanks for the reminder Neil!)

Lots of new boats and projects to share... just need to find the time!


One more thing - we're working on the 'Definative Guide to the Sutcliffe 12" Battleship' at the moment. We have about 20 differenet examples which we can refer to, from the earliest 'Cliff Series' boats of 1921, to the electric Valiant of 1979. We'd love to hear from any fellow collectors who have examples of any of the pre-war boats; we'd like to make the guide as complete as possible. Definative even!


John and Chris (father and son)  - September 2017

battship #4

1920 Single Coil Battleship. Find out what makes this extremely early boat different from all the others...

12" Battleships IMG_2204

A brace of the extremely rare 8" hot air speedboats, circa 1922 - these boats are tiny, the smallest boat Sutcliffe ever made.

motor 1

Motor and battery box for the very rare 1930 24" Electric Speedboat

yacht restoration yachts 2 restored

Yacht restoration complete - see it here...

tedsboats side view

Ted's beautiful Speedboat ....

Ted's Speedboat snappy final pic

Geoff's Snappy Restoration

Snappy Restoration