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Sutcliffe Boats

Post War Gallery

Wellcome to the Post War Gallery.  Here you will find an assorted collection of boats that were produced for the first time in the post war years, from 1948 to 1984.

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Shown left is Sutcliffes rendition of Sir Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7.


K7 is probably one of the most iconic Water Speed record boats ever and the footage of the fatal accident on Coniston Water is something that anyone who has seen it, will never forget...


The Sutcliffe model was introduced in the early 60's and was, by post war standards, quite a complex and expensive boat; every other new tinplate boat (post war) was only 9" long.


For this reason, a Bluebird II, is a 'must' for any Sutcliffe Boat collection!

It can be seen that the picture on the box is actually a picture of the Sutcliffe boat, not the real K7! Sutcliffe got into trouble with Trading Standards in the 50's when the image of Sea Wolf showed a rocket being launched (the model didn't have working rockets!), so Sutcliffe were clearly playing it safe with this illustration. Still a lovely box though!


How does the boat go? Hmm.... well it certainly doesn't get up on the 'plane'?!

The Comet was introduced in the mid 50's and was to become Sutcliffe's 'bread and butter' model for many years. It was Sutcliffe's simplest boat since the Mk2 racer 1 from the early 30's and was 'pocket money' value for many young boys.


This example is an early one; the main giveaway is the tinplate 'crown' bung; this was fairly quickly replaced by a plastic 'test tube stopper' bung.


The Comet was also produced in a lovely bright yellow. See (links page) for more examples of this lovely little boat.


It's not a rare one, but its still a 'must have' boat!

The Viking was introduced very soon after the war and used left over pressings from the Grenville Destroyer. It's not remotely 'to scale' but it's an attractive little boat. It's also quite scarce, paricularly in good condition, as it was only made for a few years.


The examples above show how the model varied over the years. The LH boat is the earliest, the superstructure being picked out in orange. Sutcliffe then moved to gold and then later in approx. 1953/54 the decal style changed. The RH boat is a 're run' made in the early 80's, shortly before the factory closed. This boat is quite different; it has a different hull pressing (look at the bows),  no  decal and a different rudder style.