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CJB (senior) started collecting Sutcliffe boats in the late 1970's following a holiday in the lake distict; a small toy shop in Bowness (still there in 2014) had a window display of bright tinplate clockwork boats.  A few were bought there and then; little did we know, but the the factory would close very shortly afterwards. These were from a previous era and were no longer popular with the younger generation.


If you would like to know a little more about the history of Sutcliffe Pressings, please visit Buzz's Boatyard. Buzz has an excellent article about Sutcliffe on his site, as well as lots of picture of his fine collection. You can visit his site here.


Our collection focusses mainly on the pre-war and immediate (to 1950) post war boats.  We will be covering all the 'Hot Air' boats, the clockwork battleships, speedboats, cabin cruisers, the very rare 24" electric, the extremely rare yachts, the 9" boats, the subs and Grenville. There is also a section which may help you work out how rare your boat may be; but bear in mind that rare doesn't always mean valuable!


If you have a post war boat you are trying to identify, or want to see more of the post war boats, please go to the excellent site which details many fine examples of post war boats as well as some extremely rare are desirable pre-war boats too.


All the boats shown are in the CJB Collection, unless specified otherwise. If we are showing an image that we shouldn't be, please let us know and we'll be happy to remove it.


May 2014


Sutcliffe Boats


1923 12" 'Hot Air' Battleship at sea!