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Sutcliffe 12" Yacht

Part 2 - getting there...!

The hull has been repaired, prepped, primed and the white top side applied. The box has been made. Time to start work on the mast and sails.


As is often the case, the mast and sails are completely missing. This is a shame, but fortunately they were very simple hand made items so it's pretty easy to reproduce them some 80 years later, in exactly the same way as they were made originally.


The mast , boom and jib are all made of softwood downling. The mast is tapered very slightly at the top but the boom and jib are just cut lengths.  They were originally given a coat of varnish, but only one ber thin coat!  I simply cut the lengths and coated with a cocktail of varnish, thinners and wood stain. This  gives them a warm patinated appearance; brand new B&Q dowling  would be a little jarring!


The sails are also stained; these are then cut to size using patterns from some original sails, pressed and then sewn using a sewing machine. I used my daughters £50 sewing machine; you don't need anything fancy!


yacht sails and mast

The topside is now hard enough to mask off so that the underside can be painted. I forgot to get a shot of the masked boat, but a quick comment about masking tape; don't use the stuff you get from DIY stores used for decorating. Its rubbish! Use high end modelling tape; I use the stuff made by Tamiya.


Below, the underside painted and curing. I pull off the tape withing 15 mins of applying the final coat of paint; it allows the line to 'soften' thus avoiding a sharp ridge.

yacht underside

Getting very close now - underside hard enough to carefully handle the boat and apply the decal. We made these decals ourselves.

yacht decal

And here it is.. the completed yacht..

yacht done 1 yacht done 2 yacht done 3

So thats the restoration complete,,,  what next?

hull start